Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Great British Pottery Throw Down

I'm very excited that the next new show to hit our TV's is 
'The Great British Pottery Throw Down'!

For all you pottery lovers out there (including me) this will be great to watch, and for those of you have never given it a go! It will give you an insight into ceramics and the different processes that are involved, no doubt as with the Great British Bake Off we will see tantrums, complete and utter disasters and of course no doubt some beautiful ceramics.

I can't wait! 

There's a very interesting article in The Guardian, have a read.

If your fingers get twitching at the thought of having a go yourself come along to one of my workshops, I can personalise a workshop session just for you or why not come along with a friend. For more info please visit my website or get in touch!

If your a ceramicist / a potter, would you dare to enter yourself into the competition? I would love it, challenging yourself to do things you thought you'd never attempt 
...minus the fact your on TV live for millions of people to see! 

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